Amir Rahnema

Amir Rahnema


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I am a Canadian living in Amsterdam and currently serve as Deloitte global leader of Organization Design.



I have been with Deloitte for 15 years (Toronto and Amsterdam) with many travels in between. In the early years my client work focused on helping companies become more efficient, or to make matrix management work. The second half of my career has been focused on undoing those things and looking for ways to organize companies around our best impulses (collaboration, openness, globalism, positivity) vs. controlling for our worst. That means designing networks of teams, mission (vs. functionally) focused organizations, adoption of new agile ways of working and related practices. In the last few years I have also focused a lot more on the science behind networks, working with my colleagues to introduce new analytical practices to unlock adaptability through network analytics.

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Frederic Laloux
Frederic Laloux

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