Alain Ruche

Alain Ruche

Brussels, Belgium

An officially retired contrarian who worked 30 years in 4 continents, humbly trying to contribute to change. Committed in several ways how to contribute to meeting initiatives fit to this complex world. We do not need to understand before acting?


A retired senior EU official in the field of external relations, I have in recent years focused my work on how to feel comfortable in this complex, unpredictable, interconnected and rapidly changing world. As my pitch is to look at things from another point of view, my practice covers several actors, themes and time horizons.
Theory comes from practice, not the other way. I believe that artists can help us in making sense of the futures emerging in front of us. Also, the role of (a totally new) business is fundamental at a time when classical institutions are vanishing and becoming obsolete.
Being a contrarian has become a moral obligation. Working at blurring boundaries is a necessity, getting rid of our dualist thinking.
Spirituality matters.

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