Simone Beerepoot

Simone Beerepoot

Nomads of Change

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Changemaker, organisation nomad, curious and rebellious. I guide organisations and teams to more self-organisation and strive to change the way work is viewed and people in it are valued throughout the world.



Changemaker, organisation nomad, curious and rebellious.
In my view every person is a barrel full of potential and that their work can provide for more fun and energy. They know very well themselves how to do their job and what they need to be able to self-organise it. How do you make this potential visible? Bij letting them experience more space and direction. This way they can own their job totally and act more entrepreneurial. Work becomes seriously fun, for the management included. They are in control without controlling.

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Frederic Laloux
Frederic Laloux

Thinkers - United States


Manufacturers - Brazil

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