Waldek Olbryk

Waldek Olbryk

dice dilemma

Lodz, Poland

By working with diverse teams I learned the power of listening, integrating and implementing the most crazy ideas, even though I am a corpo person. All that inspired my to create people2people approach and try to give back by connecting the ages.

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I feel like driver of change. I worked both on development and operation side of business. I initiated various programs enhancing the full life cycle approach and promoting the shift toward customer based and agile culture. ( http://p2p.com.pl/ideas/dynamics-of-nature-of-accomplishment/ )
Fan of People to People (P2P) approach in anything we do, even in Business to Business (B2B). I always look for innovation and collaboration with openness to cross culture and expertise exchange.
Being a certified Project Manager obsessed by integration and implementation.
Last project is about connecting diverse talents over coffee with set of values as DNA of 15 minutes chats: https://p2p.com.pl/ideas/coffideas/