Rendanheyi in Russia

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This is an excerpt from our book titled 'Start-up Factory'

Splashdown in Russia

One of the best examples of the true potential of theRendanheyi model came about when Haier opened a factory in a Russian industrial park.

Development was costly and time-consuming, which is not surprising: winter temperatures in Naberezhnye Chelny often fall to minus 20, making it impossible to pour concrete. Construction usually takes place for only six months of the year, and with those constraints erecting a factory would take at least three years. Another factor causing concern was the wildly fluctuating value of the Russian rouble.

But one microenterprise leader wasn’t letting any of this get in his way. Haier’s goal was to open the Russian factory in 13 months. The microenterprise leader showed his confidence by gathering a million roubles in follow-up funding from his team, who invested in the project themselves. With everyone motivated to reach the goal, it was time to get creative. Heating was installed and concrete poured in small sections to allow it to properly cure.

The factory opened a month ahead of deadline.

Haier was thrilled. It had struggled to convince overseas employees to invest their own money; the development in Russia took things to the next stage. This reinforced Haier’s belief that employees who invest will fight harder to reach their goals.

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