Announcing Revolt: A New Weapon In The Fight For Better Workplaces

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We have an ambitious vision: a global workplace revolution to make work more fun. We want to end large-scale disengagement. We want to replace dysfunctional structures in organizations. We want to keep pushing the boundaries.

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Today we launch a new chapter in that revolution. Today, we introduce Revolt.

This deserves an explanation—and an answer to the question: Why a new name? So, here’s the background, and then the details. Here we go.

Corporate Rebels - The Vision

When we started three years ago, we never imagined we’d be where we are now. It’s been a huge adventure. We’ve travelled the world, talked to workplace pioneers and learned the secrets of progressive workplaces.

Even better, we’ve shared the inspirations we gained with you and a huge number of other people—via this blog, media stories, workshops and client engagements. We’ve seen the world, and the world of work! Since January 1st, 2016, this has been our passion and our crusade. Whilst we’re proud of what we’ve done so far, it’s now clear there’s a lot more to do.

So we asked ourselves, what next? Our answers? Continue what we do best—and take a new leap forward. First an update on what we will continue to do:

1. Conduct pioneering research

We explore the world’s most progressive workplaces, travel the globe to find them and show how today’s workplaces can be changed successfully.

Activities: The Bucket List research, the PhD, the collaboration with academics, pioneers, and practitioners around the globe.

2. Share the inspiration

We share what we learn, try to make it accessible and practical, filter out management bullshit, show how work can be organized better and how powerful the revolution can be.

Activities: The blog, presentations and workshops at conferences and in companies.

3. Build a global movement

We continue to mobilize fellow rebels, without whom we are nowhere. We bring together those who believe in the fight for better workplaces. We facilitate connections between rebels around the globe. We encourage local cells to form inside and outside organizations.

Activities: Turn the website into a platform; a platform for revolution. Establish local rebel cells for fellow rebels to jointly fight against the status quo.

All of the above begs more explanation, which we’ll share in coming weeks. But right now, we want to turn the spotlight onto our new exciting development. It’s a new weapon in the fight for better workplaces.

It’s time to introduce Revolt.

Revolt by Corporate Rebels

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In March 2017, fellow rebel and friend, Freek, joined the team. He’s an idealist at heart, but also fiercely dedicated to turning ideas into reality. He pushes us from rebellious talk to tangible action—action that changes workplaces.

Not long after Freek, Catelijne joined us. She is fiercely committed to the very same pursuit: helping organizations release the untapped potential of their employees.

For a year they’ve studied how Bucket List organizations transformed successfully. Then they tested that expertise with clients. Ruthlessly, they have refined their approach and shown powerful results.

While the learning adventure isn’t over (it never will be!), they are now ready to go to the next level. They are ready to scale these activities in workplaces around the globe.

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That's why - together - we’ve founded the very first Corporate Rebels spin-off: 'Revolt by Corporate Rebels'.

Revolt is an integral part of the Corporate Rebels ecosystem. We share the same mission, values, and beliefs. It’s also a separate entity – a company focused on igniting practical change, with a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to revolutionize the way organizations work.

With Revolt, we support companies to truly unleash employee engagement. We help them free up untapped potential. We leverage inspiration from the world’s pioneering workplaces. We apply it via coaching, advising and challenging.

Revolt's approach is an explosive combination of pragmatism, ruthless experimentation, and bottom-up change. It’s not about writing crappy reports, or designing bullshit change programs. It’s about practical change in people’s day-to-day activities.

And there’s more good news! Recently we received >150 applications for new positions at Revolt. After a thorough selection process, we’re extremely proud to announce two more rebels to boost the Revolt team: Joyce. Their skills and experience allow us to support even more clients, and ignite more employee engagement.

So, what's in a name?

Many people love the name Corporate Rebels. So, their first question is: “Why the new name, Revolt? Why not just leverage the Corporate Rebels name?”

Here’s our thinking. We want Corporate Rebels to be even more: more than a blog, more than a source of inspiration, and more than a change company. We want it to be home to a global workplace revolution.

In short, we think of Corporate Rebels as an ecosystem: an ecosystem that researches, facilitates and boosts the revolution. Imagine a combination of individuals, groups, NGOs, and businesses—all contributing to better workplaces. United by purpose, separated by expertise. All are part of something bigger, while enjoying decentralized entrepreneurship and initiative.

So, 'Revolt by Corporate Rebels' is the first new entity to be announced. So, what’s in a name? “Revolt” means rebellion, uprising, breaking away from the status quo. It emphasizes action and change. “by Corporate Rebels” stresses the unity with the Corporate Rebels movement – a shared belief in changing workplaces for the better. A strong belief in the 8 trends of progressive workplaces.

Curious to learn more about Revolt and its radical approach? Check out the website).


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