2 Spots Left To Become A Progressive Workplace

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Recently we launched our first Corporate Rebels spin-off, Revolt. They help organizations change the way they work.

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Their start Revolt has been impressive. Two new people have joined the team—which now comprises Freek, Catelijne, Joyce and Florine. And there’s more good news.

Experiment cycles

The client work focuses on coaching, training, and advising teams/organizations how to become more engaging. The aim? To make work more fun.

As you might expect from us, we’re not supporting our clients with boring slide decks, overpriced research reports, or 100-page implementation plans.

Our approach is based on three powerful principles.

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Since their official launch, Revolt has signed contracts with – among others – German fashion company HUGO BOSS, and Dutch insurance provider Univé. These projects are fully underway–and based on the above principles.

Available spots in September

We are now scaling Revolt’s activities. In September they kick-off a series of “experimentation cycles”. During the 12-week cycles, Revolt supports clients as they experiment with new ways of working.

Multiple experiments are designed, executed and evaluated. The Revolt team provides inspiration and coaching. Teams join forces to improve their way of working, their engagement and business outcomes. After 12 weeks, there will be a big event to share successes and failures. This is a great way to spread a revolution inside the organization.

At Vermeer, one of Revolt’s long-term clients, we ran such cycles. In just one period, trust levels, atmosphere, ease of interaction, and comfort with constructive feedback improved for 92%. At the same time, 93% reported an increased focus on talents, and 80% said meetings had improved significantly.

As you can see, it doesn’t take fancy reports, endless planning, and countless meetings before results are achieved.

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When to start?

In September, two spots are available for organizations to join. The cycle starts right after the summer break and ends just before Christmas.

Interested in starting a change movement inside your organization? Get in touch with Revolt through hellyes@revolt-cr.com or forward this blog post to someone in your organization!

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