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We're almost there! In just 7 days it will be 02-02-2020—the official publication date of the Corporate Rebels book. Today, you get access to the full table of contents and the introductory chapter. Enjoy!

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Pre-orders have started

Earlier this week we started pre-orders. Now, you can order your copy of the Corporate Rebels book from your preferred store. It will be delivered around the official publication date, 02-02-2020.

Order the book by clicking the links below:

Check global availability information here.

Sample chapter + table of contents

Today, as a warm-up, we present the table of contents and the introductory chapter of the book.

Click this link to dive into the first pages of the book.

Enjoy the read, get ready for more, and make sure you pre-order the book to be inspired by some of the world's most progressive organizations and their pioneering workplace practices.

Get ready to make work more fun.

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