The Corporate Rebels Book Pre-Order Starts... Now!

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For three years we've been working hard to turn what we learned from the world's most progressive organizations into a book. Finally, the book is ready for pre-order now!

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02-02-2020 - the official publication date - is almost here! Just 10 more days before fellow rebels around the world can get their hands on the Corporate Rebels book.

Travel to the world's most progressive workplaces

The book is filled with stories of progressive workplaces and pioneers around the globe. As you go through the chapters, you will join us on our travels as we visit one pioneer after the other. While we discover radically inspiring organizations, we break down how they work. We share trends and practices as we explore these workplace pioneers in great detail.

Check out the official book trailer:

Pre-order now

If you are ready to join the global Corporate Rebels movement to make work more fun, this book is for you. Click one of the links below to pre-order the book. If you do, you'll find the book at your doorstep on publication date.


Global availability information

The book is available in English in print and ebook format. The Dutch version of the book will hit book stores on 31-03-2020. Other languages will follow later on.

Our reader base is scattered around the world. Therefore, we publish the English version globally.

Depending on your location, we advise you to buy the book through the following local stores:

For most other countries this Amazon link will do the job. It will take you to the store that can deliver to your home.

For some online retailers it might take some time before the book appears properly in their online stores. Some of the algorithms take longer to display all information properly.

Spread the word

If you have any trouble pre-ordering the book, let us know in the comment section below this article. We will help you out.

For now, enjoy the wait and share your excitement through social media and in the comments below!

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