The New Corporate Rebels Website Is Live!

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Here it is! A brand-new website to boost the workplace revolution and make work more fun. We're excited to share it with you. In this blog post we explain the new features and how you can join the movement. Right here, right now.

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Platform for the revolution

It’s time for a new website. We had a pretty shitty site when we started in 2016. In 2017 it got a bit better. But the WordPress template became inadequate as our ambitions and visitors grew rapidly.

We now have tens of thousands of unique visitors, from over 100 countries, who read our posts each month. With these numbers, we needed a quicker, better website and more functionality.

So, we've been working hard to start again, from scratch. Here are the new features.


The homepage used to be a never-ending diarrhea of blog posts. Each new post pushed another into oblivion.

As of now, it lists the latest posts, an overview of the most popular forum discussions, a list of upcoming events and a link to the book page.


We've updated our ‘About’ page. It has a new design with a clearer overview of why we started the Corporate Rebels, what we do, and who we are. It will make it easier for people to understand what we're all about.

Bucket List

The Bucket List is obviously still there. This list of workplace pioneers is the backbone of Corporate Rebels, and we continue to travel the world researching the most inspiring organizations.  However, it has been seriously updated:

  • You'll find sketches of all the pioneers on our list (made by the great MLVDW);
  • You’ll see on a map where they are located;
  • You can easily select them by country and/or industry;
  • You can see those we've visited, and those we call "our favourites".

Do you know of any pioneers that should be added to the Bucket List? Great, share your suggestion here.

8 Trends

The "8 trends" page is an overview of the 8 trends of highly progressive workplaces we uncovered in our research. There’s an overview of each trend, plus a list of best practices and case studies.

It is a quick way to get acquainted with progressive organizations and how they build better workplaces.


We are super excited to launch the Corporate Rebels forum. It aims to encourage the tens of thousands of monthly readers to elevate the discussion, to share more content, and to get to know one another.

Anyone can create an account and join the discussion. Get involved in specific topics or create your own. Most importantly, you can now communicate with like-minded people around the world.

You can share your best practices, transformation stories and your struggles and challenges. Together, we can help each other out. Together, we can spark a global workplace revolution.

And many more

Besides the main pages, there are many other upgrades. Finally, you can easily search for content. We've written so much over the past few years that sometimes it's hard to find what you need. On the previous website, it was nearly impossible. Luckily, that's a whole lot better now.

So, if you're looking for specific topics, use the search function in the upper right corner and dive into our basement full of rebellious content.

Big thanks

We owe a lot to a couple of skillful individuals who have helped build this website from scratch.

First, a very big thanks goes out to the awesome creative agency VLERK&LIEM for their spectacular designs and creativity. Without you this website would look like shit. You guys have found an elegant way to express our philosophy with a rebellious yet down-to-earth feel. Amazing!

And then there's Martijn van Erp, the programming wizard. We're delighted with the functionality and the way you've balanced it with the design requirements. Thanks for helping turn our prehistoric website (in your words, 'handicapped donkey') into a true platform for the revolution. What you've done is outstanding!

Time to become a rebel

Now, it's time for you - our readers - to shine. Create an account, introduce yourself on the forum, ask questions, share inspiration, and join the movement to make work more fun.

Welcome to the revolution! Create an account here.

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