Dad Life: The Perks Of A Flexible Workplace

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On December 28th, 2021, I became a dad when our beautiful daughter Oliva was born. The feeling is (as many of you might already know) an indescribable combination of love, happiness and pride. But it also reinforced my belief in flexibility at work. Big time.

In the Netherlands, where I live, new dads get a mere five days of paid time off. Although you can take an additional 5 weeks off, it will cost you (at least) 30% of your salary.

Are you an entrepreneur or self-employed? Bummer, you don't get anything.

It always struck me as weird. But now that I've been through the situation myself, I know it for a fact.

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Full flexibility

Luckily, at Corporate Rebels, we have set up full flexibility around when and where you work. Plus, you can take as many days off as you need.

I've always valued this freedom, a lot. It allows you to perfectly integrate work with all other aspects of life.

I've come to value this freedom on a whole new level during a life-changing moment such as Oliva's birth (or similarly, when my dad passed away 18 months ago). I can't begin to describe how important it is to be able to spend quality time with family during monumental periods in life like these.

Not having to bother with work makes this time even more precious. It's something that should be possible for everyone, everywhere.

Personally, I decided to take time off for the first four weeks after Oliva's birth. We spent the first week in the hospital since she was born slightly early. So, I extended my leave another week to enjoy four full weeks of quality time at home with the girls.

It was challenging. And beautiful.

On top of that, I decided to move to a four-day workweek to spend my Fridays with Oliva. It's been a true struggle to fit everything I'd love to do at work into four days, but I'm sure that a little more practice will work wonders.

Spread the love

All in all, this period in my life has emphasized the importance of flexibility in the workplace. I realize that it's an immense luxury to be able to do this.

I truly believe that everyone should have the freedom to make such decisions. Let's accept that we're not stuck in the 20th century anymore.

So, to all employers out there who can have a huge impact on the lives of their employees, please understand the position you are in and find ways to accommodate your workers. Spread the love!


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