Wanted: Your Burning Questions For 9 Workplace Pioneers

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At the end of the month we will attend the Thinkers50 Gala in London and the 11th Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna—both in the same week!

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Both feature leading management thinkers and progressive management doers. We go to harvest the best ideas to share with you.

On our forum, people are already discussing which speakers they most look forward to hearing. Here are nine we are targeting. And, because we are most inspired by the 'doers', let’s start with them.

1. Jos de Blok

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Jos is founder and CEO of Buurtzorg, the Dutch neighborhood care organization that revolutionized health-care—not only in the Netherlands, but around the globe. We’ve written a lot about Buurtzorg and Jos, and their progressive practices. I'm sure we will share even more in the future.

2. Zhang Ruimin

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Next is Zhang Ruimin. Zhang the CEO and Chairman of the Chinese Haier Group. Over 30+ years, he has transformed Haier from a broken factory with ~600 employees to the world's largest white goods manufacturer with ~ 75,000 employees. If you read our blogs you know we regularly share stories about this pioneer.

3. Henry Stewart

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Last of the doers is Henry Stewart, CEO of British company Happy. He has been on our bucket list for years as a pioneer in making work more fun. Together with Megan Reitz (see below) he will share his thinking about choosing your manager.

After these inspiring doers are some thinkers we want to hear.

4. Megan Reitz

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Megan is Professor of Leadership and Dialogue at Hult Ashridge Business School. She is also the author of 'Speak Up: Say what needs to be said and hear what needs to be heard'. She is dedicated to to improving interactions in the workplace—something we want to learn more about.

5. Julian Birkinshaw

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Julian is Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the London Business School. He is author of many interesting books, including: 'Reinventing Management' and 'Giant Steps in Management'. Julian will talk about 'The changing management paradigm' and 'how over the last management century, theory and practice have grown frustratingly apart.'

6. Amy Edmondson

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Amy is Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Havard Business School. She is also author of inspiring books like 'Teaming' and 'The Fearless Organization'. Amy will talk about how 'leadership looks different when concerted action is required across a system over which no one has formal control.'

7. David Burkus

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David is Associate Professor of Leadership and Innovation at Oral Roberts University. He is author of great books like 'Under New Management' and 'Friend of a Friend'. David can tell us a lot about building personal connections and networks, and how new management strategies can help us transform the world of work.

8. Bill Fischer

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Bill is Professor of Innovation Management at IMD, and author of 'Reinventing Giants'. He will be talking about 'ecosystems dynamics', including two of Haier's most developed ecosystems—the 'Internet of Food' and the 'Smart Home'.

9. Rosabeth Moss Kanter

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Last, but definitely not least, is Rosabeth Moss Kanter, the Ernest L. Arbuckle Professor of Business at Harvard Business School. She is this year's Thinkers50's Lifetime Achievement Award Winner. Enough said!

We look forward to hearing these 9 top management doers and thinkers. Do you have any burning questions for them? If so, feel free to note them in the comments below.

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