Corporate Rebels Movement Nominated For The "Oscars of Management Thinking"

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A few months ago we got the exciting news we were nominated for the prestigious Thinkers50 awards. These so-called “Oscars of Management Thinking” are an important biennial event that celebrate management and business ideas in a global gathering of workplace gurus.

Previous winners of the awards include Clayton Christensen, Marshall Goldsmith, Alex Osterwalder, Michael Porter, Eric Ries, Tom Peters and Bucket List pioneers Dan Pink, Simon Sinek, and Zhang Ruimin. We are honored that the Corporate Rebels movement is listed among such influential people.

To make the world a better place

Thinkers50's ambition is "to provide innovative access to ideas with the power to make the world a better place". Together with 7 other nominees (Susan David, Mark Esposito & Terence Tse, Marshall Goldsmith, Lynda Gratton & Andrew Scott, Aaron Hurst, Nilofer Merchant, and John Spence) we have been nominated for the "Breakthrough Idea" award.

Our adventure started only 22 months ago in a living room in Eindhoven, Holland. Looking back, we are proud to have met with, and learned from, so many like-minded people. They, just like us, have been looking for better ways of working. The enthusiasm of the thousands of fellow Corporate Rebels we've met all around the world has been truly amazing.

The examples of companies challenging the status quo, the energy of rebels inside organizations trying to shake things up, and the wide variety of outside change makers give us the confidence that a true revolution is within reach.

Clearly, it’s not going to be easy. There is still a lot of "outdated" thinking, and resistance, in today’s workplaces. The old mindset and its associated practices are not going to disappear overnight. It will take hard work, lots of experimentation, and heaps of trial and error.

This Thinkers50 nomination is a boost for the worldwide movement. It’s recognition for all of us who want to make work more fun.

Join the award gala

This Monday we'll be at the Award Gala in London. The Award Gala will be broadcast live through this link on Monday 13 November at 21.15 GMT. Grab some popcorn, put up your feet, and watch us (in our brand new tuxedos) as we collect the award ;).

Meeting Bucket List pioneer Dan Pink

We also look forward to interviewing author Daniel Pink on the same day. From the beginning, he has been one of our Bucket List heroes. His work on the drivers of motivation is something that has inspired us.

In his book Drive and wildly popular TED talk he discusses the main drivers of motivation and how we (often) wrongly punish and reward in today's workplaces.

Dan gives an alternative view on how to organize around motivation; moving away from extrinsic motivation while boosting intrinsic motivation. We're eager to meet him to get his perspective on alternative ways of organizing. It's an interview we have been looking forward to for a long time.

Besides meeting the gurus, attending the awards ceremony, and interviewing Daniel, we’ve also secured an opportunity to present the Corporate Rebels story. We are excited to tell the story of our movement on such a day. We sense it will give us an big boost in our quest to make workplaces more fun!

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