Transformation Strategies: Ways to Build Better Workplaces

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One of the most challenging aspects of progressive organizing is getting there—transforming traditional companies into more humane and purposeful organizations. In today's video we explain three proven strategies.

The video is part of the Corporate Rebels Academy. In recent months we've released similar animations on the approaches taken by Haier, Buurtzorg, Viisi, Panelfisa and Ner Group.

Corporate Rebels Academy

Transformation strategies are an important part of our 6-week course, "Understanding and designing progressive organization structures". In the final week we explore strategies to turn traditional organizations into progressive ones. You see how some of the world's most pioneering companies have successfully done this.

In this introductory video, we explore three approaches and three organizations: United Welsh, and K2K.

During the course, we also show how Fujitsu and Bosch radically transformed parts of their huge companies.

For now, we share an introductory video on transformation strategies. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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Ready for more? There are a few seats (4 at time of publishing) left in the September cohorts.

More info can be found here.

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john mortimer

john mortimer

It demonstrates how a flexible approach to transformation is needed, rather than one method. It also demonstrates to me how Design Thinking principles of experimentation, iterative design, and team work is fundamental, and so different to command & control of functional transformation from the outside trying to change others.

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