Let's Rebel: How To Build A Workplace People Love

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The way we work is outdated and uninspiring. An astonishing 87% of employees are disengaged at work, leading to a painful amount of untapped potential in the workplace. This horrible statistic is something we simply cannot accept. That's why we started Corporate Rebels and that's why we set out to find ways to better organize work. Since we started, everything we do has been focused on creating more engaging work; not just for ourselves, but for as many people as possible.

Over the past 17 months, after quitting our corporate jobs, we have traveled around and visited over 50 progressive organizations from our Bucket List. While we learned about their radically different approaches to work, our activities have expanded every few months.

Making an impact

What started with blogging, grew organically to writing for other media outlets (i.e. Guardian, Huffington Post, FD, and, as of last week, for Forbes Magazine), giving presentations and keynotes around the world, hosting workshops, going on an international Rebel Tour, and writing a book.

Looking back, the first 18 months have been amazing. Amazing because we learned so much, did so many awesome things, and because we have made a humble start in building a movement for better work. But it’s nothing more than that; a start. There’s still so much work to be done when it comes to creating more inspiring workplaces.


A couple of months ago, for exactly that reason, we have further expanded the activities of Corporate Rebels. We wanted to add a more practical part to our work, as just writing and talking is not going to change the way people work (or at least not quickly enough).

Our transformation activity therefore focuses on transforming the way organizations work. From creating a clear vision of the 'organization of the future' to making practical improvements in the way teams work. We share everything we learned through pioneering best practices, tools, and ways of working that help them to improve their working environment.

Since Freek, the third full-time Corporate Rebel, joined in March of this year, he has taken the lead in setting up the transformation part of Corporate Rebels. Over the next few months, we'll further grow the team of Rebels to continue to increase our impact.

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