The 8 Trends

To check off the Bucket List, we visit every pioneer we can find. We talk to founders. We meet CEOs. We spend hours with all sorts of employees. We aim to truly understand how to work differently.

During our visits to 150+ pioneers we uncovered 8 trends. These trends separate the most progressive workplaces from those riddled with frustration and despair. It’s what separates the bold from the boring.

Below, you’ll find an overview of the trends—plus a list of practices and case studies for each trend.

1. Profit Purpose & values
2. Hierarchical pyramid Network of teams
3. Directive leadership Supportive leadership
4. Plan & predict Experiment & adapt
5. Rules & control Freedom & trust
6. Centralized authority Distributed decision making
7. Secrecy Radical transparency
8. Job descriptions Talents & mastery

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