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On March 18 - right after the pandemic hit Europe and people were sent to work from home - we wrote a blog post titled "The Ultimate Remote Work Policy (In 3 Words)". The three words? "We trust you". Today, we share a truly inspiring example of how one organization put this into practice.

You got this

It's both painful and uplifting to witness company responses to the coronavirus outbreak. The spectrum is wide. On the one end companies go full-on evil, firing people in  120 second Zoom calls or spying on their staff. Others show love and kindness by donating time and products to the less fortunate or by avoiding lay-offs at all cost. As usual, the vast majority is somewhere in the middle.


It's important to spotlight those showing humanity at work. It's what we have been doing for years with our Bucket List of ~200 workplace pioneers. And it's even more important now!

In this post, we highlight an example from the Canadian federal government. Bucket List pioneer Adam Grant brought it to our attention.

An employee tweeted the guiding principles for working from home that this organization laid out in an email.

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Beautiful isn't it? Simple, human, and caring.

Put the spotlight on those who deserve it. Support the movement by sharing these positive outliers.

I'd love to hear about more positive examples. Have you come across a company showcasing the "we trust you" policy when it comes to working from home?

Put them in the spotlight and share their story in the comments below.

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Sue Heatherington

Sue Heatherington

Humanity at work. Thank you 🌿

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Bert Meyer

Bert Meyer

If government, not4profit or 4profit work only boils down to whether we live to work or work to live, what a stark, purposeless choice that is!

Perhaps work'd be warmer and more fulfilling if we lived to serve xyz?

Let's take this opportunity not to go back to how it was. (Try transposing Greta Thunberg's COP24 message to the world of work...)

Kudos and Courage to all change agents.

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Interesting how a policy maybe written greatly but the implementation/ execution is what ultimately matters.

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