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Oh, hey there, hope you’ve been well. We certainly have. We are now back from a short summer publishing break and ready to get back to posting as usual. We’ll admit, it was nice to have a short publishing break, but we’re excited to get started up again. And we've got some excellent content coming your way over the next few months. Here's what we've got up our sleeves.

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New content

As you probably expected, we've got some great new features on workplaces pioneers ready for you. How about a preview of what we’ve got in store for the next few weeks?

Expect to see:

  • Case studies on Bosch and Zappos
  • Updates on Haier's pioneering Rendanheyi model
  • In-depth posts on market-based dynamics and remote work research
  • Spectacular guest posts from a wide variety of badass contributors

Big announcements

It doesn’t end there. We are set to launch a webshop, a new company, new book translations, new Academy courses, and provide some important Corporate Rebels Foundation updates.

As you see, we’re churning out more than enough to keep pushing the global workplace revolution. Plus, we're onboarding two new team members in September and October, so get ready for even more.

So, buckle up, get your rebel spirit in full swing, and let's continue the crucial fight for better workplaces.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are back!

PS: If you have any wishes for specific blog content, please do drop them in the comments below—we’re open to pretty much anything as long as it helps to make work more fun.

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Joseph Conere

Joseph Conere

Great to have you back guys 👍

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A very, very welcome return, love it! Energy and joy, may the Rebel spirit flow.

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I would like to see something about calling out learning and development interventions (use of personality questionnaires such as Myers Briggs) and the lack of real evidence in much of the L & D work that is done within organisations but are sold products that allege can turn round leadership and work culture - when it is just not true. If you would like me to draft a piece on this for you to consider let me know.

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Nice to have you back, I would like to see something about Logistics and Warehousing....team transformation....etc.
Gr, Sakis

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Additional detail on the contracting process between microenterprises at Haier would be appreciated.

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Welcome back guys !

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