After 5 Years of Corporate Rebels: Where Are We?

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Just over 5 years ago we quit our corporate jobs to start Corporate Rebels. Our mission was simple: to make work more fun. And it hasn’t changed. Five years later, it’s fair to ask: "Where do we now stand in the workplace revolution"?

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A lot has happened since January 2016. Here are the numbers:

We are humbled and grateful. It is way beyond anything we imagined when we handed in our resignations in 2015.

Where is the revolution at?

The big questions though are:

  • Where are we at?
  • Is work more fun for more people?
  • Is a global workplace revolution truly underway?

These are hard to answer. Overall, the honest answer is 'no'. Billions of people are still working in boring, outdated and frustrating workplaces. Most aren't truly enjoying their jobs. In fact, a big chunk of the working population still sees Monday to Friday as a long and boring interruption between weekends.

In short: there's still a lot to be done. Corporates might have been forced to experiment with remote work, but more profound changes are painfully rare.

On a positive note: there is way more interest in the topic of 'progressive workplaces' than five years ago. And it's not just empty talk. Organizations around the world are cautiously experimenting with new ways of working. Even big and traditional firms are testing the waters of self-management, distributed leadership, reduced hierarchy and increased flexibility.

Mostly, these are via baby steps—but they are still steps.

Scaling up the revolution

Reflecting on the first five years, it feels like we've laid the groundwork for the next five. We have learned a tremendous amount and have created a platform that attracts like-minded workplace rebels like you. Now is the time to push things to a new level.

The Corporate Rebels Academy will play a vital role. We're super excited about the product we've created over the last 9 months.

The fully self-developed learning platform has two main features:

  • Stellar content co-created with pioneering organizations around the world (i.e. video interviews, animations, case studies, lots of exercises), and
  • A powerful community space to bring together rebels from around the world (i.e. private messaging, timelines, class chat and more).

The Academy will help us grow our impact as we support individuals and businesses in changing their ways of working.

Starting tomorrow

Tomorrow marks the official kickoff of the Corporate Rebels Academy. Two fully sold-out cohorts will embark on a 6-week journey with some of the world's most progressive organizations.

With 60+ hours of content, 12 live sessions and 6 Q&As with pioneers, these 42 rebels are in for a treat.

The best thing? The Academy is truly global. Participants come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Shipping destinations of the starter-kits reveal the international character of the Academy 😱😱:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Dubai
  • Philippines
  • India
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Lithuania
  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • Denmark
  • Portugal
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Slovenia

What a list! Let the global workplace revolution unfold 🤘

In September another cohort will start. Apply here.

Let's go

The next phase looks pretty damn exciting. We can't wait to push even harder for significant workplace change around the globe. And we're glad you're in it with us.

Let's rock the world of work. The world needs it.

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You guys rock and inspire: work can and should be so much more fun! Please continue to share the beautiful and inspiring stories and let your community grow faster and further!

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Henry Stewart

Henry Stewart

you guys do indeed rock. But you impact is much more than having just written blogs and published books (great thought that is).

I would love to know more about the impact you have had on actual organisations. I'd love to hear more of that as the result of your 5 years, as I think you have had a truly major impact.

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Hi Rebels, first of all, great work, you guys rock. Secondly your impact is way bigger than you can ever think of as explained in the article cited below. Although I totally understand that you guys are longing for clearly visible, lasting impact and change, but that takes time... In the meantime, have faith in 'the three degrees of influence' that is brewing slowly but steadily beneath the surface to create the supporting foundation necessary for lasting change.

Keep up the good (and fun) work ;)!


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