The Workplace Revolution: Leadership, Google and WL Gore

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As explorers of radically engaging workplaces, we try to read all notable articles published on the topic. We read them, we rank them and we share them.

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We share the most insightful ones. The ones that are vital content to fuel the global movement for better work. They inspired us and we hope they inspire you as well.

Here are our top 5 picks of this month. This should be your monthly workplace inspiration. Enjoy!

In conversation with Ed Schein

(Egon Zehnder)

"Ed Schein, MIT Professor emeritus and the father of organizational development, explains why we should forget everything we’ve been taught about leadership – and focus on getting to know each other.”

By Egon Zehnder.

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Three years of misery inside Google, the happiest company in tech


"Sexual harassment. Hate speech. Employee walkouts. The Silicon Valley giant is trapped in a war against itself. And there’s no end in sight."

By Nitasha Tiku.

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WL Gore: the company others try and fail to imitate

(Financial Times)

"The group behind the Gore-Tex fabric thrives on its unconventional corporate structure."

By Simon Caulkin.

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It's official: happy employees mean healthy firms

(World Economic Forum)

"The correlation between employee well-being and performance is now grounded in real data."

By George Ward, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve & Christian Krekel.

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Shareholder value is no longer everything, top C.E.O.s say

(New York Times)

"Chief executives from the Business Roundtable, including the leaders of Apple and JPMorgan Chase, argued that companies must also invest in employees and deliver value to customers."

By David Gelles & David Yaffe-Bellany.

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