The Workplace Revolution: Happy Employees, Bosses and Clowns

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As explorers of radically engaging workplaces, we try to read all notable articles published on the topic. We read them, we rank them and we share them.

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We share the most insightful ones. The ones that are vital content to fuel the global movement for better work. They inspired us and we hope they inspire you as well.

Here are our top 5 picks of this month. This should be your monthly workplace inspiration. Enjoy!

Happy employees, satisfied customers


The link between Glassdoor reviews and customer satisfaction.

By Daniel Zhao & Dr. Andrew Chamberlain.

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My boss lets me set my own salary


"Cecilla Manduca works at a firm where each staff members gets to decide their own pay."

By Felicity Hannah.

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An entrepreneurial, ecosystem enabling organization


"What's emerging from understanding Haier Group."

By Simone Cicero.

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New Zealand: Man brings clown to redundancy meeting


"When copy writer Josh Thompson received an ominous email from his bosses asking to discuss his role at the company, he knew he was facing redundancy."

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How to deal with an abusive boss

(Quartz at Work)

"Bully tactics don't work."

By Chris Woolston.

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