Ken Everett

Ken Everett

N2N Hub Pty Ltd

Sydney, Australia

Hi! I'm here 'cos I support the Rebels and so far, have seen them at work in China, Amsterdam & Sydney. Sometimes I write a blog, sometimes I edit them.



The reason I share the Rebels' interest in organizations is that I accidentally started one when I had very little money. It turned out better than I hoped for.
How much better? Well, we started in Sydney, moved to Asia (Singapore), then to Europe (London) and back home again, with furniture that did the whole 10-year journey! We got to be represented in 25+ countries.
We couldn't afford employees, so we built a network of affiliates.
Despite exposure to prestigious business schools, (courtesy of a former employer), I had no idea you could have a business without employees. I thought this was worth celebrating, so I wrote a book about it, Designing the Networked Organization.
There are many ways to build businesses. We have 'invented' only a few, so far. I hang out with the Rebels 'cos they are likely to know about such developments first--like in their work with Haier.
And it's great fun!

Favourite pioneers

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