Pim de Morree

Pim de Morree

Corporate Rebels

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Together with Joost I co-founded Corporate Rebels. I mainly focus on: researching, writing, speaking, and building our own company.

@pim_de_morree LinkedIn corporate-rebels.com


I'm a strong believer in changing workplaces for the better. During my three years in a corporate job I became frustrated with the outdated working practices that many of us experience. Together with Joost, I set out to travel the globe to learn from all kinds of workplace pioneers. We knew there had to be better ways of working out there, we just didn't know what they were like. So, we set out to learn from the best.
I love to blog, research, and speak on making work more fun. I'm also very passionate about the entrepreneurial side of Corporate Rebels. I love building our company, our practices, and our community.
Besides work, I love to spend time with my girlfriend. Also, I love to spend my time kitesurfing, reading, and with friends.

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